New album out 'Make It Last'

about us

Formed in the winter of 2023, Algorhythm is an electrifying new group featuring the incomparable talents of Trevor Young, Kyle Wareham, and Kevin Offitzer. Since forming just over a year ago, the band has developed a dedicated following through word of mouth, the members’ reputations, and their infectious live performances. Algorhythm’s music showcases versatility and creativity, blending elements of reggae, rock, electronic, and pop. Algorhythm has already played multiple international shows and released several singles that have charted on both Billboard and iTunes. Their debut album, “Make It Last,” was released on April 19, 2024. The album showcases the depth of the group’s creative vision and passion for songwriting. Algorhythm continues to captivate audiences worldwide with their dynamic performances and innovative sound, promising even more excitement on the horizon.


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